About us 

2M2 Group, located in Båstad, Sweden, specializes in trading and direct import from Europe and Asia. With a focus on direct negotiations on-location in countries including Vietnam, Malaysia, China, India, Thailand, and throughout Europe, we offer a wide range of products, ideal for large volumes and commonly found in interior decoration stores, design shops, and gift stores. Boasting over 50 years of experience in both European and Asian markets, our well-established relationships with partners are built on a foundation of personal trust.

Inspiration and product development

Even though our products mainly are suited for larger quantities, this doesn’t contradict our ambition to be an inspiring partner. A partner communicating good sense of design, both interior and exterior. In collaboration with Scandinavian designers we develop our own products. We also welcome initiatives of working together with clients on joint projects. 2M2 is more than just a trading company. We aim to be our clients full-contact partner, realizing our own ideas and joint-ventures.


We are a small but effective organization. Our small size is a great asset in relation to our competitors. We act fast with quick decisions and personal contact in every sense. This is to put it simple, our way of doing business and we practice this way in all our contacts, domestic and international. Our showroom is always open for those who wants inspiration. We welcome everybody regardless of geographic location or size of company. After all, we share the common will to make the world a better and more beautiful place ant still be able to do good business in the process.

Business partner
We are the sole western business partner for some of our Asian contacts, leveraging our exclusivity and bulk buying power to offer unique, large volume products at low prices to clients worldwide. Our business philosophy includes simplifying logistics and distribution for our clients. By acting as a distributor and logistics provider, we take on the role of being our clients' representative and scout for new products in Asia and Europe, keeping up with trends for them.